Man Ray: Magician on Paper. And the Magic of Objects



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An affordable introduction to the Dada “poet of the darkroom” and his diverse oeuvre

American artist Man Ray (1890–1976) is one of the most important representatives of Dadaism and Surrealism and, based on the multifaceted character of his work, is regarded as the father of numerous avant-garde strains that would seed the future of photography and film throughout the 20th century.

The catalog brings together roughly 100 works from various phases. Included in this comprehensive monograph are his photographs and drawings, objects such as his famous chess set, sculptures and more. One particular focus is on Man Ray’s “Rayographs.” Around 1919–20, the artist began experimenting with photograms, positioning everyday objects on photo paper and exposing them to various light sources. The blurred contours of these “photos without a camera” exerted a great appeal on the Dadaists and subsequently the Surrealists; the poet Jean Cocteau described Man Ray as a “poet of the darkroom.”

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