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There’s one topic that passionately unites people around the globe: football! No other sport is as accessible and can be realised with so few resources. No matter where you go, someone is surely playing football, and joining in is almost always allowed. It’s no wonder that countless fan themes revolve around this topic, and they all find their place in the new coffee table book by Peter Feierabend and Bernd Pohlenz, Football – The Ultimate Book.

With meticulous comprehensiveness, the two authors in this entertaining illustrated book orbit football and all the societal expressions of the world’s most popular grassroots sport. They showcase legends on the field, highlights from the best games in sports history, and the greatest football players, both men and women. The book also provides an overview of the various football associations and clubs, the World Cup, continental championships, and of course, presents the most beautiful goals.

In addition to the records of the sport itself, there’s also a keen interest in the lifestyle associated with it. Because football is big business. Fan merchandise, ticket sales, and advertising revenue bring millions into the clubs’ coffers every year. And the players themselves are a business and are scrutinised in this book. They are brand ambassadors, coveted models, and their hairstyles, tattoos, and fashion choices consistently make headlines.

Lastly, the two authors don’t miss documenting the gossip side of football. So, in this book, you’ll find funny anecdotes about lost balls and broken goals alongside spectacular accidents, scandals, and even a dedicated chapter about the beautiful player’s wives, which is an essential part of this magnificent photo book.

For all football enthusiasts, Football – The Ultimate Book is a perfect gift, where even the biggest football fan will surely discover something new.

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