Story of a (not the only one) fridge

Thanks to „Inside Chefs’ Fridges” one can get to know the culinary taste of 40 best chefs in Europe awarded with 60 Michelin stars. Joan Roca, Massimo Bottura, Fergus Henderson, Yotam Ottolenghi, Marco Pierre White, Hélène Darroze, Inaki Aizpitarte, Mauro Colagreco, Thierry Marx or Christian F. Puglisi are only a few names among many others who talk about their favourite recipes and ingredients they use on a daily basis in their homes.
We live in a world where Chefs become a super star. Until now, we have never been so fascinated by the food and the people who create it. Cooking shows are one of the most popular TV programmes in the world and their hosts became the popculture icons. Newspapers are full of stories about not only their great culinary success but also private lives.
The authors of „Inside Chefs’ Fridges” – Adrian Moore (the Chef’s assistant in Mandarin Oriental in Paris and culinary critic) and Carrie Salomon (photographer and writer) convinced the best Chefs in Europe to take part in their project. The effect is astonishing and the album inspires. You can find there interesting and not complicated recipes easy to make in your own home.
Inside Chefs’ Fridges transfer the readers into the intimate world of the Chefs and presents their not so sophisticated tastes. Their task was to present two fauvorite recipes from their home librarary. Marinated marigold flowers, birch syrup or black truffles are next to ketchup or yoghurt on the pages.
TASHCEN publication is what is missed in the picture of the amazing culinary artist. We think we know them well but we don’t have a chance to taste what their prepare. Now we can not only look inside their fridges but also make their favourite dish.
As Anthony Bourdain says – now are the greatest times to enjoy food!

Bon appetit.

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