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“Whoever reads books lives twice” – Umberto Eco The extraordinary richness of the modern world and technological development enable us today wide access to the latest achievements of culture through a variety of media – both digital and analog. At the same time, books in physical form still enjoy unflagging popularity. The feelings that accompany the opening of the book for the first time and exploring the narratives contained in it can not be compared with anything else. The subtle but clearly perceptible smell of printing ink and paper as well as studying the texture of individual pages is a real pleasure for the senses of every bibliophile. Books, however, are not only worlds enchanted in the printed word, but also images and photographs that stimulate the reader’s imagination and inspire him to see beauty in the surrounding world. As book sellers, we know perfectly well that books can be the best friend. If we devote our attention to them, we will be able to enter the worlds that expand our cognitive abilities, increase our professional skills, and enable us to discover and understand the world with new intensity. This world remains at your fingertips forever. We can return to it whenever we reach the shelf in the home library…

Folio Books Bookstore Offer

The online bookstore offers a wide selection of photo and specialist albums, ranging from classic fields such as architecture, art, photography, fashion, film; through automotive, design, graphic design and items devoted to cooking or travel. Our offer is completed by multi-thematic books and accessories in the category of Silva rerum (Latin Forest of Things), thanks to which every reader will find something for himself. Illustrations and pictures add a unique character to books – the medieval monks knew about it, and they mastered the copied miniatures with intricate miniatures, taking the literary art to the heights that are difficult to catch up today. That is why, we try to make the Folio Books offer include books that are absolutely unique: albums, limited editions, special editions, three-dimensional books and other publications whose common feature is that thanks to beautiful illustrations and high-quality materials, they themselves become small works of art that are worth exhibiting on the shelf. Each book that we include in our offer is a kind of ticket to reality from the borderline of two worlds – at the same time perfectly known, yet captivatingly mysterious. It is worth finding the time to go on such a trip. You’re welcome!