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Since the 1970s, Andy Summers has been one of the great guitarists of his generation as the guitarist of The Police and achieved worldwide fame alongside singer Sting, but also later as a solo artist. But Andy has also been making a name for himself internationally as an art photographer since the 1980s. Several successful book publications and various international exhibitions followed, underlining his exceptional talent in the field of photography as well. In A Series of Glances, Andy now assembles for the first time his best art photographs from several decades in a large, lavishly designed and decorated coffee-table book. These are images full of poetry and mood, mostly in black and white, with which Andy takes us into his world: on his extensive travels through the cultures of different countries and continents, to his portrait and nude photography, whose focus is always on the artistic moment. How exactly can the mood of a moment be captured in a picture? Andy succeeds in combining his music and his photographic art in a unique way. Not only are his images present at all times at his concerts, but various AR elements in the book give the reader an even deeper insight into Andy’s life and work online. A Series of Glances becomes perhaps Andy Summer’s most personal work ever.

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