Torba. Jacob Marrel Two Tulips



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Pearlescent pinks. Fresh fuchsias. Grassy greens. Representational on one side, abstract on the other. It’s same, same but totally different with Irma Boom’s modern take on Jacob Marrel’s 17th century masterpiece on this tote bag. © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Delicate Dragonflies. Beguiling butterflies. Flowers full of meaning. 17th century German painter, Jacob Marrel, lived in Utrecht during the Dutch Golden Age and studied with Jan Davidsz de Heem. Marrel is best known for his wonderful watercolors of tulips in bloom – Tulipomania.

Big books. Rare reads. Stories told in all shapes and sizes. Irma Boom has been described as the “Queen of Books”. Irma is bold and experimental, challenging the convention of traditional books in both physical design and printed content. Commissioned by the Rijksmuseum, Boom spent ten years deconstructing the museum’s paintings to create a DNA of six colors that make up the painting.

  • water resistant
  • made of polyester
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • handle 27 cm
  • pocket 11 x 11.5 cm
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