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This is the definitive publication on one of the world’s most exceptional designers

How do you:
Turn a paper mill into a gin distillery?
Let every country in the Olympic Games take part in making and lighting the Olympic Cauldron?
Design a building using an electron microscope?
Produce a new bus for London that uses less fuel?
Make someone eat your business card?
Develop a new kind of mosque?
Turn the back door of a hospital into its front door?
Grow a meadow in the centre of a city?
Generate the form of a building in less than a minute?
Use saliva as an ingredient of a Christmas card?
Create a piece of architecture that represents a nation?

With more than 600 pages, 140 projects and hundreds of photographs, illustrations and sketches, this once-in-a-generation monograph will excite, inspire and serve as an invaluable resource for creative solutions and the joy of making for many years to come.