New York City Anonymous. Photographs 2008-2018



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Street photography’s popular resurgence in the 2000s has paved the way for its presence in the art world today as well as in the mainstream appreciation of street art. Bagno offers an alternative perspective on New York City photography, focusing on the beautiful solitude and quiet, fleeting moments often missed in the “Big Apple”.

Craig Bagno isn’t a tourist, yet he hasn’t left his apartment without his camera in over a decade. From 2008 to 2018, he’s focused his photo lens to capturing the lights and shadows that delineate the shapes of quietude and solitude in New York City. In his signature style, Bagno assumes the perspective of a passerby, a shadowy apparition – positioned between, beside, behind – often depicting others as they turn away, hurry past, and wander off. For him, they are forms without identity – abstractions of fleeting encounters.

With a sense of pathos for the mundane and sensitivity for the minutiae, he provides a nuanced glimpse into the city beyond myths. In his publishing debut, New York City Anonymous, Bagno reveals the poetics of anonymity, ephemerality, and the beauty in melancholy.