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Assouline coffee table books add unparalleled style and elegance to your luxury home decor, and the Travel Series is the most aesthetically vibrant assemblage of books on the Assouline bookshelf. These visually rich and decorative books feature stunning images and compelling narratives of over thirty destinations. Collecting a treasure trove of travel, art, fashion, and design stories, each volume is an inspiring journey, with creative and luxurious bliss waiting on every page. Assouline’s Milan Chic, written by Massimo Nava, offers readers an immersive experience into the fashionable culture and traditions of Milan, the global capital of clothing design, through stunning photos in a coffee table art book. Oberto Gili, armed with his camera, explores the homes of Milan’s inhabitants and the quaint scenes that populate the city. Milan boasts an enduring appeal that has continually drawn an eclectic group of creatives, innovators and tastemakers. Readers will not only be inspired by the city itself, but also by the style and aesthetic of its inhabitants. In this book we are taken on an intimate tour, making stops at the homes of sought-after designers, the studios of gifted artists and the headquarters of prominent architects.

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