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We begin from above, a bird’s-eye view. The unending landscape of Mexico City extends out below, barely contained by the surrounding mountains. The spirit of the eternal city is revealed as we move closer, zooming in on a single block where there are buildings from numerous eras, a timeline made physical. A vivid journey through the avenues and side streets, through the markets and museums, through the local cuisine and art scene, awaits readers in Mexico City . An origin story stretching back to the fourteenth century, filled with conquest and adventure, grand volcanoes and ethereal gardens. This indigenous pre-Hispanic past is still evident, although now it is mixed with colonial architecture and a Spanish-baroque aesthetic, realized with local materials—all combining to create a distinct style in the city. These rich legends and mythologies, along with materials such as cantera and tezontle , offer creatives in Mexico City no shortage of inspiration. From Diego Rivera’s Anahuacalli Museum to architect Juan O’Gorman’s Cave House, structures in Mexico City proudly boast their singularity and their dramatic histories. Today, Mexico City is the setting for cinematic genius, drawing the country’s top filmmakers to its streets, including Alejandro González Iñárritu, Alfonso Cuarón and Michel Franco, to name a few. Let Mexico City ignite the senses and open the door to a city of wonders. About the authors: Born in Mexico City, Aleph Molinari is an editor, writer, art director and photographer. He is the co–editor in chief of Purple magazine, as well as a contributor to Materia Press, Art Observed and other publications. His work focuses on materializing culture through publications, exhibitions and campaigns. Among his projects, he co-curated the Purple Festival at the Palais Galliera in Paris, created a botanical sculpture for Soundwalk Collective and Patti Smith’s exhibition Evidence at the Centre Pompidou, and worked on the programming for Soundwalk Collective’s

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