James Bond Bingo. The High-Stakes 007 Game


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The name is Bond. Bond Bingo. Grab Q’s gadgets, rev up the Aston Martin DB5 and get ready for the high-stakes James Bond Bingo Game. Featuring 64 characters and curiosities from the world’s most famous movie franchise – including six 007s, his most iconic nemeses, and his most innovative cars and devices – this is the ultimate gift for Bond fans. Snatch victory from the jaws of Jaws and win bigger than Le Chiffre! Be the first to fill your bingo card and shout SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED! to win.

Play bingo with 64 Bond icons including six 007s, Q, M and Moneypenny, memorable villains and supporting characters, and (of course) a dazzling array of famous cars and gadgets. The accompanying Bond booklet reveals the full stories behind the characters and items featured and is packed with 007 trivia. Learn about Bond’s most memorable nemeses, Q’s craziest gadgets and more! This high quality product has a durable design and features photography from the Bond Archive.

Fun for all ages, the whole family will love this high-stakes game featuring 64 characters, gadgets and locations from all the James Bond movies. Bond Bingo is perfect for dedicated Bond fans, lovers of cinema and families who enjoy spending quality time together.

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