Havana. Short Shadows



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Havana triggers a wealth of images and projections in our mind’s eye. Beyond the clichés, the photographer Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek focuses her gaze on everyday life in Havana. Her photographs show life in the streets and the mood of the people. As we look and read, the light and dark sides of the capital of Cuba are gradually revealed.

The most recent economic recession has brought the changes which had just begun in Cuba to a standstill. The associated privations are reflected in the behaviour and the faces of the people living in Havana. Fahrner-Tutsek’s photographs show the inhabitants of the city as they go about their business (which is often non-existent), sit on the street, perhaps play or simply wait. In a poetic approach the Cuban writer Leonardo Padura describes life in present-day Havana. The volume is enhanced by an insightful essay by the noted photographer and photographic theorist Michael Freeman.