Dolce&Gabbana. From the Heart to the Hands



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From the Heart to the Hands pays tribute to the values of Fatto a Mano (hand-made), an essential part of Dolce&Gabbana since its founding in 1985. The book brings together a unique collection of Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria garments, exquisite jewelry, and archival treasures for the first time.

Curator Florence Müller explores Dolce&Gabbana’s Italian heritage and the enduring influence of Italian culture in inspiring some of the brand’s most iconic and innovative collections. The book’s ten chapters—handcraft, artistic glass, the leopard, devotion, the workshop, architecture, the white baroque, Sicilian traditions, goddesses and opera—combine runway and editorial photography with images of art, architecture, movies, and artisanal craft. An open love letter to Italian culture and Dolce&Gabbana design, this project serves as a translation of Domenico Dolce’s and Stefano Gabbana’s ideas, from the heart through to their realization by hand. Behind-the-scenes images reveal the intricate fabric inlays, leatherwork, embroidery, lacework, crochet, beadwork, and multitude of other techniques that brings each garment to life.