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“Circesque” is a celebration of an idea Christian Tagliavini had in 2008 and resulted in his photographic series of the same title produced in 2019. Exploring the world of the circus, this specially crafted book is a unique invitation for the reader to form their own stories through exquisitely detailed costumes, unexpected props, and a glimpse of the people behind the greasepaint and powder.

“Circesque”, explores the untold lives of circus folk. Stripped of the tired clichés of circus life, these mise-en-scène portraits reveal the human behind the archetype. The images betray the protagonists’ innermost feelings as they mount the platform, put themselves on the line, and take the risk: all under the watchful eye of their audience. Acrobats. Trapezists. High-wire performers. Escape artists. Tattooed ladies. Jugglers. Nature-defying contortionists. All present and accounted for as in any traditional Big Top. But a closer look reveals some unusual details.

After the eponymous first book by artist Christian Tagliavini, which was also published by teNeues in 2018, the second to his latest photo series Circesque is now published. The exceptional artist, whose art uniquely combines craft, photography and stage design, dedicates himself here to the actors of the circus world. Sometimes enigmatic, sometimes touching, always rich in detail and stylistically driven to the extreme, these latest works of the Swiss fascinate his viewers anew.


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