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The book follows Wolski’s sustained engagement with the themes of organicity and the natural form.

Over the last three decades, Wolski has deployed a diversity of non-representational vocabularies―ranging from geometric shapes inspired by early twentieth-century abstraction to Surrealist-inspired biomorphic forms―to investigate the idea of unification between the individual self and nature. While primarily a sculptor, Wolski is concerned with the question of materiality, which he often sees as a form of philosophical inquiry in and of itself.

Wolski’s practice often verges on the spiritual, although it maintains an active dialogue with the outside world. The artist’s career―which began in the 1980s―has been historically aligned with the rapid deterioration of planet Earth and the depletion of its natural resources, thus turning the artist’s personal rumination on nature into an open manifestation of his environmental awareness. Through this resolutely inter-disciplinary body of work, Wolski continues to examine such wide-ranging and socially topical issues as the relationship between the individual and one’s habitat, the role of nature as a guardian of human history, and nature’s influence on artistic and philosophical expression in the modern era.

Xawery Wolski was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1960 and currently lives and works in Mexico City. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts (Warsaw), the Academy of Fine Art (Paris), and the Institute of Higher Education in Visual Arts (Paris).

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