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A visual analysis of the colors used in furnishing fabrics and wallpapers from the fifteenth century to today, this book provides inspiration, and practical reference, for designers.

Interior decorators have long used specific colors and palettes to evoke strong moods―the right mix of browns, greens, and oranges can easily bring you back into the 1970s. Here, in this highly original and digestible book, color palettes from the fifteenth century onward are analyzed and explained by interior design specialist Ros Byam Shaw. The colors used in each wallpaper and fabric are presented in proportional grids, giving a clear understanding of the hues that have become emblematic of their era.

Each wallpaper and fabric, carefully selected by Here Design from the V&A’s collection, is arranged chronologically with its own double-page spread with extended captions that explain the significance of the palette. A color grid is shown beside each pattern, in which the colors in the original piece are shown in proportion to their use, and with their CMYK references to enable designers to replicate these colors in their own work. The result is a book that offers fascinating insights into color that will be of interest and use to designers working today, whether specialists in interiors, products, or graphics. It will also appeal to a more general audience as a beautifully designed book that offers inspiration to those interested in interior design.

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