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Koons by himself: the new definitive overview, featuring the artist’s commentary on his works and career

This handsomely designed volume brings together more than 60 of the artist’s most iconic sculptures and paintings along with new productions and recently completed works. Edited by curator Masimilliano Gioni, the book focuses in particular on Koons’ art as seen in relation to contemporary American culture.

With an aesthetics of abundance remaining a constant throughout his career, Koons has composed a “fantasy America … custom-made from art and schmaltz and emotions”―to use Warhol’s description of his own interpretation of American culture. Through the inclusion of source materials, personal recollections and biographical narratives by Koons himself, the book reads each of Koons’ celebrated series through the prism of his biography and the ways in which his individual history intersects with that of his country and culture.

The publication composes an unconventional view of Jeff Koons and his work, retracing the personal influences and cultural histories that have shaped Koons’ art. Published to accompany a major exhibition in Qatar, the catalog features an interview with Koons by the exhibition’s curator along with essays by Armenian American art critic Dodie Kazanjian and Qatari American writer and artist Sophia Al Maria.

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