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Celebrating the olfactory extravagance of Italy’s unique perfume-making industry―for industry insiders and anyone who loves perfume

The human sense of smell has long been associated with its ability to conjure vivid memories and evoke strong emotions. Medieval Italians were among the first in the West to hone this natural sensory predilection into a true art that married science and design into a single stunning product.

This book serves as an essential resource on the subject. It is divided into three parts: the first retraces key events in the development of the art of perfumery, while the second anthologizes a series of the 100 most famous Italian fragrances. The third chapter is dedicated to the perfume production chain as described by industry experts, from the initial scent profile to the luxurious and ever-evolving product design of perfume bottles.

Within the pages of this stunning book, readers will discover a wealth of information regarding Italy’s perfumery practice, including a report of approximately 7,000 fragrances produced in the country’s last 50 years and a table that illustrates the 100 featured perfumes organized by chronology and olfactory groups. Accompanied by gorgeous full-color photography, the research presented here offers a wealth of information for those within the industry as well as anyone who uses and loves perfumes.

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