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Bowl Stories features bowl-based meals you can enjoy anywhere: on the couch, in bed, sitting on the windowsill, or even at the table. Classic dishes with fun twists—a culture clash right in your bowl. Easy but also sophisticated recipes that will inspire you to cook, add your own special touches, and try new dishes.

Bowl Stories: Authors Ben & Viola chose this name for their cookbook because eating food out of bowls is not just a trend, but rather an expression of their love for food itself. Eating meals out of a bowl or even a pot is what they both would define as the ultimate pleasure. A bowl can be cradled in one hand, making it easy to enjoy a meal at work, on the couch, or standing up. Eating from a bowl is practical and sensual at the same time. All the ingredients and components are close together, making it easy to unite them in a single spoonful. Ben and Viola serve traditional dishes with a special touch: Discover recipes such as Asian Carbonara with Pork Belly, Chilled Pea Soup with Nectarine Yakitori Skewers, and Hay Panna Cotta.

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